"THE WATER WE DRINK" 2022 Water Quality Report

District Map - As Passed - New Council Districts

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Quick Facts

Population: 12,000 
Median Age: 36.3
Median Income: $28,324 

Street Overlay (Phase 1 Completed)



Street Work Date
Fourth Street- RR Ave. to Brashear Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
North Everette Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
South Everette Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
Arenz Street Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
First Street- RR Ave. to Greenwood Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
Egle Street- 2nd. St. to 6th Street Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
Marguerite St. - 6th St. to Elm Street Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
Levee Road- Leona St. to Utah St. Asphaltic overlay Dec-07
David Drive Concrete replacement Dec-07
Victor II Blvd- MLK, Jr. Blvd. To Cottonwood Asphaltic overlay Mar-08
Maine Alley Asphaltic overlay Mar-08
Franklin Street- Front St. to Federal Ave. Asphaltic overlay Mar-08
Youngs Road at Woodland Concrete replacement Mar-08
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Concrete replacement
Brashear Ave- Victor II to David Drive Concrete replacement
Youngs Road near Cemetary and Shell Concrete replacement
Young Industrial Road and Bridge Concrete construction
Brashear Ave Extension Concrete construction
6th Street- Levee Rd. to Marguerite Asphaltic overlay